A lawyer’s blog is often their most prized possession. It gives them the opportunity to say whatever they’d like in an open forum where their thoughts and opinions aren’t judged, and they get to come back every week and write more. But as you spill your heart into every blog post, you realize that no one is linking, commenting, or responding. Is anybody even out there?

As much as you love your law blog, your first priority should be to make sure that others love it. If you don’t have any fans or dedicated followers, then what’s the point? For a blog to take off, in terms of marketing, it needs people to read it, share it, and come back for more. So the next time you sit down to write your next post, think about the following tips that can help engage your blog’s readers and turn your legal blog into a smashing success.

Fresh Content Is Fresh Content Is Fresh Content

No blog will ever make it without fresh content. Content is king; yes, you’ve heard that said a thousand times. But to refine the phrase a little more and give you a better understanding, fresh content is what screams, “Hey! Over here! Come read me!” to search engines and blog readers alike. Therefore, if you want to engage your readers you should be producing fresh content on a regular basis. Aim for a new, quality blog post to come out once or twice a week. Keep the topics focused on what’s important to your readers, your clients, your law practice, and your industry. Find a perspective that hasn’t been blogged or reported on to death. If you have to, take a controversial stance, argue a point that hasn’t been considered yet, and start a new theory. Whether they’re reading your law blog or a fashion blog, fresh content paired with fresh ideas is a winning combination all around.

Ask Questions, Opinions, And Input

If you want to engage your blog’s readers, you have to give them the opportunity to engage. This means asking them questions about your topics, seeking their opinions, and requesting their input. As surprising as this may be, your blog isn’t entirely about your musings. If you want your blog to take flight, your readers must be an integral part of its function. Therefore, engaging your readers through discussion has been and always will be necessary. You can include surveys asking for your readers’ opinions, end each blog post with a couple of questions for the comment box, and even pose a question in the headline. Soon enough you’ll discover what kinds of topics and what kinds questions get your readers interested and commenting; once you’ve found the right combination, you’ll be well on your way to having a successful legal blog.

Embrace All Comments

You’re not going to love this section, but it’s as equally important as the rest. That’s why I’m going to warn you right now that you will undoubtedly receive comments from readers who wholeheartedly disagree with your points of view and they won’t be afraid to let you know it. You’ll see nasty, rude comments, debasing your entire blog and law practice, and you’ll be tempted to delete the comment or tell them off. But before you do, just remember the old anecdote that there’s no such thing as bad press. Even negative attention is good attention. Even a disgruntled blog reader might copy your blog’s URL and post it on their Facebook with a post saying, “Can you believe this guy?!” And while that’s not the kind of attention you were hoping to get, your readership has suddenly been expanded. Furthermore, readers who put up a fight make for great inspiration for later blog posts. You can engage them in a conversation about how their opinions and then write a rebuttal to their argument. Better yet, you can ask the reader to write a guest blog post arguing their point of view. You’ll be pleasing a blog reader, inviting them to return, and opening up an invitation to all of their friends and followers. It’s a win-win for your blog, even if they don’t agree with your opinions.

The purpose of your legal blog is to, first and foremost, market your legal practice and raise brand awareness. While you might enjoy writing your opinion in a free and open forum, you have to keep your readers in mind, above all else. Engaging your readers and giving them a reason to share, comment, and come back for the next post is the key to turning your legal blog into a successful and effective marketing tool. Find ways to include them in the conversation and embrace their feedback regardless of what they have to say. Your readers will feel included, like you’re writing directly to them. And a blog with those kinds of readers simply can’t lose.

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